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About us

LoudFabric was created as an outlet to the everyday grind. It's about pure expression and is for the individual that handles business but understands that it is quite OK to laugh every now and then. Some designs may be funny (to someone), some may be inspirational (we hope), and some may be flat out ridiculous but that my friend is the world we live in!
Why we do what we do?
We may have a thought that makes you chuckle... we may say something in response to an incident that perfectly sums up what everyone else was thinking... we may share a conversation with a complete stranger in passing without saying a word. LoudFabric is about connecting people with a similar thought process around the globe. Every design is not for everyone but when you see one that "speaks" directly to you... that is what LoudFabric is all about. Plus, we like to make fresh tees and such... so we finally put up a site so other people can join in on the fun!
We have been in the design game since 2006 and designing tees since 2010. We have been doing small runs and small projects along the way. We officially went online with our own shop in 2016. We are based out of Columbus, Ohio. Some items may ship from here, some may ship from California, just depends but we will get you your product as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on taking care of our people so don't hesitate to reach out. Peace!